Welcome to East Coast Amusements!

East Coast Amusements services Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island.
Join us at one of our many locations across the Maritimes.

East Coast Amusements is a fully insured, family owned and operated amusement ride business.  We are committed to providing a clean, safe atmosphere where families and communities can enjoy all the excitement of a complete carnival midway.

We take great pride in building strong personal relationships with our clients and we view each one as a partnership, after all your success is our success.

We have a wide variety of your favorite rides, like the Zipper, Kamakazi, Himalaya, Spider, Tilt a Whirl, Scrambler, Zero Gravity, Expo Wheel and many, many more!

You can also book us for your event! From renting single amusement ride for a private party, Christmas party or corporate function, to providing a complete package including carnival rides, games, food and cotton candy for your event, we can do it all!